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Ms. Crystal’s Little Rugrats provides a welcoming multicultural, diverse environment for all children regardless of their ability levels. We appreciate differences in children’s learning styles and skills and believe a child’s environment and earliest experiences enrich and stimulate future growth. Ms. Crystal’s Little Rugrats is an environment that assist in providing experiences that build skill confidence while promoting creativity, questioning & reasoning, exploration, and imagination during learning. We provide equal opportunities and rights for all children, utilizes and shares community resources; and build partnerships through collaborations with local Judy Centers and other community resources.


Ms. Crystal's Little Rugrats

Early Learning


Early Educators at Ms. Crystal’s Little Rugrats teach with close observation to each child’s unique talents and abilities such that the planning for optimal learning opportunities is maximized for each child. Emphasis is placed on the Process (the doing) rather than the product. The purpose is to, as much as possible, help each child reach their highest potential and foster a genuine life-long love of learning.



To achieve the highest quality of early care and education, MCLR LLC Child Care uses an approved, research-based curriculum that aligns with the education standard set by MSDE. We teach according to what is developmentally appropriate. We use a fun literacy approach with our curriculum. Creative Curriculum is the base curriculum that we use supplemented by several other curriculum's we have put together.

Family Time Notebook


Our preschoolers receive a notebook that goes home once a week, the Family Fun Time activities, that contain all sorts of fun activities they can do at home. These activities are intended to allow the children more practice with their learning as well as show their parents the progress they are making. The completed activities are returned every Monday so that the teachers can check them and give the children their stickers.

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